Understanding Graphics Cards – a Laymen’s Guide


We have looked at the brains of the graphics card, the GPU, as well as its faithful sidekick, VRAM. We also took a look at how you supercharge the graphics in your system, over clocking and multi-GPU configurations, as well as how to tune you system settings to give your games a more realistic look and feel.

Club 3D Radeon R9 280 royalKing

The graphics card inside of your computer is the most important component required to make your gaming experience unbelievable, while other components in you system work in conjunction with the graphics card to produce a high-quality gaming experience, the graphics card is responsible for what ultimately is displayed on your monitor.

When we look at PC gaming and it’s relationship with the graphics card, you will notice that very few conversations will pass by with only one of these topics being brought. Sure, there are other components and other variables that impact your gaming performance, but ultimately your graphics card is the boss. It provides you with an un-realistic expression of detail that PC game artists spend countless hours on end applying to their game. Plus, if you enjoy playing the games for their content, then we are sure that you an appreciation for the small details that are put in the game. Further that you do not want to miss out on these incredible details, but you also want the game to flow smoothly and provide a jaw-dropping gaming experience. All of this is from your friend, the graphics card.


  1. very helpful

  2. Good article. I used it in one of my college papers

  3. Now I feel like a huge Geek whenever I explain this stuff to my friends… this is awesome.

  4. Will the next gen card be called Radeon R9 490?

  5. if other parts of the site are as good as this article then I’ll have to add this site to my Computer technology bookmark folder.

  6. Most motherboards today feature integrated Intel HD graphics that can suit ‘most’ of your video needs.

    – this is something new. Actually, processors have built-in graphics. Besides, why didn’t you mention the AMD A6/8/10 processors, that are not on par with Intels considering their CPU performance, but if we compare the graphics power, this is where Intel is still far behind even with its Intel 4000.
    Besides, look for prices: https://hardware.nl/catalogsearch/result/index/?lang=en_US&manufacturer=AMD&q=AMD+A10
    So, if you are not going to play video games, then forget about an additional power-hungry stuff. Such AMD processor will handle even some games. Other than this remark, the article is pretty good to me.

    • Valid point. APU’s are a great option if your budget doesn’t let you go all out and get a dedicated card.

      Take a look at our review of the A8 – AMD A10 7870K CPU Review – Welcoming Competition! or even the A10 – AMD A8 7650K APU Review – The Little APU That Could! … Both show that these are excellent graphics options, which don’t require integrated graphics.

  7. Apu’s are the future eventually discrete gpu’s will become obsolete. AMD made a big step in the right direction with the development of the apu and HSA.

  8. best content for noobie
    now i feel like a graphics god XD

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