HyperX Pulsefire Gaming Mouse / XL Fury S Mouse Mat Review

Mouse Features

HyperX is known for their simple and effective products. The Pulsefire is no exception. The pre designated DPI on our Pulsefire is controlled by the RGB switch above the mouse wheel. Four settings give you four different dpi which resets after you go through all four. What this means is when you click the button a fifth time the DPI goes back into the lowest setting.

  • White – 400 DPI
  • Red – 800 DPI
  • Blue – 1600 DPI
  • Yellow – 3200 DPI

Thankfully the setting we used on our old mouse was 1650 DPI so we shouldn’t take very long to adjust to the sensitivity. In the future we would like to see custom DPI instead of having set ones. The two large friction less pads really make this mouse an impressive peripheral. The movement feel very precise and quick as well. The glide on our mouse is outstanding.Grip is very important when deciding what kind of mouse to buy. The three most common grips are palm, claw and fingertip. All three of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Palm grip and what the Pulsefire is build for. The palm grip is designed more toward comfort having more of the hand touching the mouse enabling high ergonomics but decreasing flick speed. Next is the claw grip. This is a adaptation of the palm grip with less touching the mouse. This grip provides a more responsive feel for some gamers, however, loses some ergonomics in the process. The final grip is fingertip grip. Sacrifices here are made when dealing with precision and comfort but greatly increase the speed at which movements are made. Even though the Pulsefire is a palm grip mouse, the other grips can still be adapted depending on the need.  

Mouse Mat Features

On the market today there are two separate types of mouse pads/mat’s. Hard surface and soft cloth styles. Before this mat we used a Razer Firefly mouse pad with a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition so we would consider ourselves fairly well versed in this subject. A few things come to mind when thinking about mouse pads. Durability, performance and ascetics. After around 3 months of pretty hard gaming we found the hard pads to wear a little bit more than soft ones like the Fury S. Even though hard pads give you the option of potential RGB lighting, the professional look and feel of the cloth pad makes it look just as good. We received our pad before our Pulsefire mouse so we decided to really test it out. There was a 2-3 day adjustment period getting muscle memory to remember the cloth movements and forget the hard surface ones. After the adjustment, we found our head shots to be more consistent and our overall game aim increase. The XL Fury S feels superb in mouse movement and gives you a simple professional looking mat.

It's the time of year to be thankful, give thanks and celebrate with family. This year we are very thankful to be able to review HyperX's Pulsefire gaming mouse in addition to the XL Fury gaming mouse mat. Being know for their well made products, HyperX prides its self on making quality merchandise for consumers and gaming professionals. Mice and mouse pads are extremely important in the gaming community because the mouse is an extension of your arm and has a direct impact on your gaming performance. Packaging & Contents Our packages came a couple of week apart. Both were undamaged from…

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Mouse Features
Mouse Mat Features
Overall Performance

HyperX Delivers

An outstanding first mouse from a reputable company. Look no further for a mouse and mouse pad with the HyperX Pulsefire and Fury S.

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