HyperX Pulsefire Gaming Mouse / XL Fury S Mouse Mat Review

Performance/Final Thoughts

Our opinion of these two HyperX products is very positive. They almost feel like a co-dependent relationship similar to that of sharks and pilot fish. They really do compliment each other in looks and performance. With these two products and around 8 hours of Overwatch hit scan game play, it was amazing to see the consistency increase. On the whole this pair has indeed surpassed our expectations. This correlation of the Pulsefire and Fury S provide any gamer with an impressive tool to improve game play and consistency when aiming. Like we said before the only thing we would like to see in the mouse is a custom DPI option. With huge gliding pads, responsive tactile switches and a quality optical sensor, the exceptional shadows any negative points. HyperX also provides an unbeatable price of $49.99 USD for the Pulsefire as well as $9.99 USD base price for the small version of the Fury S. The quality you are getting for the price easily earns our gold seal.


It's the time of year to be thankful, give thanks and celebrate with family. This year we are very thankful to be able to review HyperX's Pulsefire gaming mouse in addition to the XL Fury gaming mouse mat. Being know for their well made products, HyperX prides its self on making quality merchandise for consumers and gaming professionals. Mice and mouse pads are extremely important in the gaming community because the mouse is an extension of your arm and has a direct impact on your gaming performance. Packaging & Contents Our packages came a couple of week apart. Both were undamaged from…

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HyperX Delivers

An outstanding first mouse from a reputable company. Look no further for a mouse and mouse pad with the HyperX Pulsefire and Fury S.

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