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The M6S is a big upgrade if you’re looking for a new and reliable baby monitor. It doesn’t stop there; it was built around baby monitoring but there is no reason this couldn’t be used anywhere else in the home. Say if you’re gone on vacation you could centralize it to keep an eye on the house while you’re gone. Now, with all the great functions the M6S has there are a few that could use some improvement as well. The movement of the camera needs to have smaller movements and possibly arrow buttons so you don’t have to swipe. iBaby monitor

However if they want to keep the swipe in play, they need to make it sensitive to the size of the swipe to get smaller or larger movements as desired. The sound for the music is great and volume is on point however we found the volume when we talked from our device to the M6S was weaker. Overall, we like the M6S and it has become our new child monitor. The reliability of the motion and sound controls is great and the picture is as clear as reality. Pick up your M6S on Amazon for $230 with the security of knowing it earned our Silver Seal!

Tech X Silver Seal OptCheck out the M6S on Amazon!!!

A while back you may recall we did a review on a home/baby monitoring system called "The Helmet" earlier this year. A 1080 HD monitor with both motion and sound detection with infrared capabilities to keep the security going through the evening hours. The newest in this ever upgrading technology is branded under "iBaby" and is their model "M6S". The M6S has been long awaited by us and we are glad to have finally gotten our hands on it. Big upgrades we were hoping to see in this from the "Helmet" were the ability to connect using 5G as well…

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Great Buy!

The M6S is a great buy with many great functions!

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