Intel Core i7 5960X CPU Review – What Has Become The Industry’s Best


 In 2010 Intel released their first consumer six-core CPU, the Core i7 980X, and since then year after year they’ve continued to release six-core CPUs in price ranges from under $600 to around $1,100. Now roughly five years later, they’ve released their first ever desktop consumer eight-core CPU, and in doing so, they’ve beat the only competition in a market that they dominate…themselves.


The Core i7 5960X is easily the fastest consumer desktop CPU on the market and beats its nearest competitor by miles. Sure, it costs a boatload and really isn’t for everyone. But for anyone in the market for a top of the line workstation CPU, there really isn’t any question that this is the best choice. Yes, for the vast majority of users a quad-core like the 4th generation core i5 or i7 will be more than enough power to meet their needs for a much more affordable price. But consider this, if history is any indication as to what the future holds, then we can expect Intel’s eight-core CPUs to hit prices of under $400 in 3-5 years.  If that happens, we dread what may become of any competition. …that is if we aren’t ruled by robot overlords powered by Intel processors by then.

With the Core i7 5960X, Intel pushes the envelope even further ahead. We’re happy to award it our Technology X Innovation Award.

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Ever since the first dual-core desktop CPUs started rolling out in 2005, the race to bring more computing cores to desktop processors has been on. Now, nearly a decade later, Intel has pushed ahead further than ever before with the release of the Core i7 5960X, their first ever consumer socketed eight-core CPU. While, this isn't the first time we've seen a consumer grade eight-core CPU (AMD has been making them since 2012), this is first one with Intel's Hyper-Threading technology which allows for 16 multiple threads per core that should increase overall performance in multi-threaded tasks greatly. Today, we're very…

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With the Core i7 5960X, Intel has beat their only competition in a market they dominate; themselves. It is easily the fastest desktop consumer processor on the market today.

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