Intel Press Conference – CES 2015 Update

We had the chance to check out Intel’s Press Conference yesterday, and while interesting it definitely lacked in desktop hardware announcements. Instead, Intel focused on 3D cameras and wearable’s, the latter of which seems to be a running theme of CES 2015.



Intel spent the bulk of the show talking about their RealSense 3D camera technology, which allows for Kinect-like gestures and 3D scanning and capturing. They showed off various demos with the tech, including a spectacular one featuring Drones, which used the technology to sense objects and people around them and avoid them without the help of any external user input, Intel setup an obstacle course to demonstrate this.


The whole thing was very entertaining and totally cool. One can definitely see the applications for something like this in Drone-based package delivery.




Intel spent the last portion of the conference talking about wearables, they followed up last year’s announcement of the Edison micro-computer with something even smaller, a tiny-button sized computer named Curie.


 Inside the jacket-button is an entire Intel SoC (system of a chip), which can be used for all types of applications, one of which they pointed out was a Pedometer, for tracking your steps.


 The possibilities for this are endless and Intel has partnered with companies such as eyeglass maker Luxottica, watchmaker Fossil and design house Opening Ceremony to create numerous devices.

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