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The Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini case is very dynamic, and intriguing. Often, it can be found that iPad cases typically serve two purposes: to protect the iPad screen, and to provide some form of support for viewing purposes. The Gripster Wrap provides a multitude of different functionalities and features that really make this case stand out from the rest of the competition.

Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini Box

The front of the case features an integrated wrapping system, essentially the screen protector will fold over itself and hide on the backside of the case. Thus, the screen protector is out of the way and does not inhibit the usability of the iPad. Additionally, the screen protector features hidden magnets that will put your iPad into sleep mode when rolled down the screen.

Native Union Grispter Wrap Box 2

Flipping to the backside, the Gripster Wrap features an integrated handle that is quite dynamic in terms of its possible uses. The handle can remain flat against the back of the case, and be used to grip onto your Ipad. This strap can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes, and in addition to that it can also swivel 360 degrees, so that you can hold your iPad in any direction.

Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini Open

The Gripster Wrap handle can also be pulled away from the back of the case and used as a handle for carrying your iPad, similar to that of a briefcase. This would allows you to safely carry your iPad with out the fear of accidental damage.

Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini Handle

Lastly, the handle can also be swiveled in such a way that it can be used as a support for the case and iPad. This would allow you to place your iPad on a desk or table and have a greater viewing angle and overall better experience for you and your iPad.

Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini Stand

The Native Union Gripster Wrap for the iPad Mini is available in black, red and slate and can be purchased for $59.99. If you are one who likes the larger screen size, or have just purchased the new iPad Air, Native Union has you covered there as well, with a Gripster Wrap for most iPad versions.

Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini Screen Cover

Since 2009, Native Union has prided themselves on generating high quality products that stand out from the norm. The Native Union product lineup ranges from Bluetooth telephones and speakers,  to iPhone cases. We must say, that their products are innovative, intriguing and flat-out ingenious. As we were browsing the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, we stopped at the Native Union booth where we spoke with John Brunner, the Managing Director for Native Union. John gave us the rundown on the CLIC Wooden iPhone 5/5s case, Gripster Wrap, and the Switch speaker. NATIVE UNION CLIC WOODEN IPHONE 5/5S CASE…

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Dynamic & Stylish!

The Native Union CLIC Wooden, Gripster Wrap and Switch Speaker are all excellent products. Overall, Native Union provides a very impressive product lineup.

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