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In addition to their case lineup, Native Union also produces Bluetooth speakers. The Switch wireless speaker is very dynamic, and has more uses than what it may appear to have. The Switch speaker features two acoustic drivers, an active sub-woofer, as well as a bass reflex system. Combined, these three components provide exceptional sound quality from a small, minimalistic design. You will be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality that is emitted from the Native Union Switch, as it truly is an exceptional speaker.

Native Union Switch Speaker Box

The top of the Switch speaker features an intuitive volume wheel, which is very similar to that of a Hi-Fi dial for volume control.  Also found at the top of the unit is an LED indicator that will notify you when the device is being used (with a solid light), in stand-by (with a blinking light), and in pairing mode (with simultaneously blink red and white lights).

Native Union Switch Speaker Contents

We tested the Bluetooth strength of the Switch, to which it again surprised us in regards to the distance from the device. We were able move two floors within a house, and the Switch was still strongly blasting out music. To setup Native Union’s Switch speaker, you simply hold the top button, found inside the Hi-Fi dial, until you see the indicator begin to flash white and red. It is at this point that you would use your mobile device or computer to search for the bluetooth device for pairing. After pairing has been completed, one can simply press play and your media will be outputted through the Switch speaker.

Native Union Switch Speaker Dial

On top of producing high quality sound, the Switch can also be used as a conference call unit. The Switch features a full-duplex microphone to ensure maximal voice quality during your conference call or even for your VoIP application.

Native Union Switch Speaker

In addition to the audio features available with the Native Union Switch, the speaker also features a 1800mAh battery within the unit. This allows you to charge your mobile device via USB whenever you need a charge. This is extremely convenient and definitely unexpected. The Switch also features a power indicator located on the bottom of the unit. With the push of a button, the Switch’s five LED indicators will illuminate if fully charged.

Native Union Switch Speaker Battery Indicator

When fully charged the Switch speaker can power through your full day of conference calls, or long day of listening to music with up to 14 hours of audio playback. This is very significant; as it is not often that you find a speaker that is this dynamic and can still perform it’s basic function for that extended period of time.

Native Union Switch Speaker Ports

On the side of the speaker you will find auxiliary, telephone and battery inputs, as well as the USB output.

The Native Union Switch speaker is available for $99.99 and comes in a variety of colours: black, orange, red, white, blue, slate and green.


Over all, Native Union has created products that are of high quality, are extremely dynamic and versatile, as well as innovative. In addition to producing head-turning cases, the Native Union Switch speaker is one of the better speakers we have had the opportunity to listen to. The sound quality is excellent, and the price point is very accurate of its performance.

It is blatantly obvious that Native Union is going to be sticking around in the market for a while, as their products can stand up to some of best products out there. It is for all of these reasons that we are giving Native Union the Technology X Innovation Award. I encourage you to check out the Native Union website here.

Tech X Innovation Award Opt

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Since 2009, Native Union has prided themselves on generating high quality products that stand out from the norm. The Native Union product lineup ranges from Bluetooth telephones and speakers,  to iPhone cases. We must say, that their products are innovative, intriguing and flat-out ingenious. As we were browsing the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, we stopped at the Native Union booth where we spoke with John Brunner, the Managing Director for Native Union. John gave us the rundown on the CLIC Wooden iPhone 5/5s case, Gripster Wrap, and the Switch speaker. NATIVE UNION CLIC WOODEN IPHONE 5/5S CASE…

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The Native Union CLIC Wooden, Gripster Wrap and Switch Speaker are all excellent products. Overall, Native Union provides a very impressive product lineup.

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