Nike Fuelband Real Life Review – Without a Goal You Can’t Score

The most difficult component to keeping in shape is, without a doubt, motivation.  For myself, working a full time job that sometimes brings me into 20 hour days, managing two websites, traveling insurmountable distances to make necessary obligations and then trying to find time for social engagements locally robs me of every minute of every day.  As much as boarding a plane some 16-20 times a year might seem appealing, ones inability to establish a pattern or ‘schedule’ takes its toll on the mind and body. Not so typically, my day consists of waking at 4am to edit, compile or publish articles, only to then to head off to my other chosen full time employment, and then return around 6pm to return to website activities that might normally bring me into the early morning hours.

Case FrontCase BackFor myself, it has had its physical tolls which have become very noticeable after 28 years of marriage where Karen, my better half and business partner, has and could still run a full marathon even today, while I try and find time just to stop and breath for a moment.  We are both competitive and, up to about 15 years ago, I could run circles around her as exercise and running were part of our daily regimen.  Today, my addiction to Doritos and Wild Watermelon Slurpee drinks is a tell tale sign of my loss in direction and I have made a decision that Nike and their Nike+ Fuelbands will play a significant part in changing that.  Both myself and my wife have had Nike+ Fuelbands on for a week today and, if you find yourself to be in the same circumstance as I, this report will definitely change your life.

Nike Fuelband Featured PictureTHE NIKE+ FUELBAND

The Nike+ FuelBand is an activity monitor that is worn on your wrist and your movement creates Nike+ Fuel points that Nike hopes will encourage you to surpass daily.  It is a motivator.  What is very encouraging is that it is a motivator that really requires no set physical fitness activities as it monitors every movement you make during the day.  The Nike+ FuelBand is available in three colors: black, black ice and white ice.  Sizing is available in small, medium large and extra large and the FuelBand can be adjusted through the inclusion or exclusion of spacers, added or removed with the FuelBand tool.Nike FuelBand Package OpenAccessories in our received ice white and black Nike+ Fuelbands included a USB connector, FuelBand Tool, two spacers, along with the FuelBand itself.  The Nike FuelBand comes with a one year warranty and can be found at Amazon for $169.99 which might be the biggest drawback we have seen with the FuelBand so far.  As much as we would like to see this priced below the $100 price point, an understanding of the science that went into the creation of the FuelBand, along with quality of build, make its price point a bit more viable.  Were you aware that the Nike+ FuelBand is completely waterproof and can be worn to monitor activities such as swimming, surfing, or even scuba diving? You can even monitor your calories burned during your morning shower.


The Nike+ FuelBand uses an accelerometer that measures movements made throughout the day.  As much as one may think that it simply measures steps taken, it is much more than that and you will be surprised to learn that your chances of getting an exact step count are just as close as your chances to winning a lottery.  The Nike+ FuelBand is based on oxygen kinetics where the change in oxygen uptake between rest and various movements and activities was measured in its initial design. An algorithm was then created that is able to attribute Nike FuelPoints, as well as providing a reasonable accurate idea of steps taken and calories burned throughout the day.

The algorithm was created using 30 men and 30 women who would perform various movements for a period of 8 minutes, followed by rest, during a 90 minute activity session. During this activity, a Nike+ FuelBand was worn, along with a portable metabolic measurement system, which tracked their oxygen levels breath by breath, where the subsequent data collected was used to develop proprietary algorithms that the accelerometer tracks during each uptake of breath.  A bit confusing?  Yes it is and one needs to remember that the Nike+ FuelBand does NOT track exact steps and does not provide exact calory expenditure, but what it does do, is track each and every movement the body makes and combines that in it’s sum total of Nike Fuel points.

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