Nike Fuelband Real Life Review – Without a Goal You Can’t Score


Setting up the NikePlus FuelBand is relatively painless and consists of simply sizing, charging the band and going to Registering and monitoring your progress through the website is an important step because, not only does it collect valuable data to fine tune your band such as size, weight, height and sex, but also, it allows you to set a goal which is the key to this program.  Remember, without a goal, you can’t score.

Nike FuelBand USBNike Fuel ChargingSizing of the band is relatively simple as well.  Simple insert the pin of the Nike Tool into one of the holes found on the bottom of the band and add, or remove, spacers, as needed. In this example, we intentionally included one of the ‘Ice White’ spacers to better display what the spacers look like:

Nike Fuel Sizing

Nike has a great  ‘Quick Setup‘ video that covers everything we are discussing here and we noticed an extra accessory in the video that is no longer included in the package, this being a Nike FuelBand stand that was originally found in the top center of the accessory area.  Granted, it is an unnecessary piece but would still have been a great inclusion for charging the FuelBand itself.


Nike Connect can be easily downloaded for PC and Mac while an IOS App is available for the iPhone.  Let me be very straightforward in stating that there was no shortage of ‘unpublishable words’ when I learned that there wasn’t, and isn’t planned to be, any parallel Android App for the Nike+ FuelBand.  The most frustrating part is that each and every one of us Android users still searches endlessly, finally realizing that there isn’t an Android App that will let you sync your Nike FuelBand as you can with IOS.

Nike FuelBand Fuel MotionThe closest third party App that can be found is called Fuel Motion and it pretty much covers all the bases except the band cannot sync directly to the App, or any Android app or device for that matter.  One must sync through the website (or an iPhone or iPad) and then update the Android App once the information has been recorded by the website.

Nike FuelBand IOS SyncMy Samsung Galaxy Note II might as well an appendage as it never leaves my side and is my main source of music when I work out. The ‘official’ Android APP would be key here as I could easily sync instantly, vice having to sync with the website and then updating the FuelMotion App as I do.

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