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Olive & Dove’s RemoBell Review – Intuitive!


We can tell that Olive & Dove really put a lot of thought into their new product, the RemoBell. With an easy to use app and powerful design features such as motion detection, night vision, and thermal detection, the RemoBell packs a lot of power into such a small case. As much as we love the product, we still with the RemoBell has some way of controlling a smart lock so we could manipulate the lock on our door. Sure, you can always buy a smart lock and control it separately, but the ease of having the two work together is something we will always desire. Maybe with their next implementation in the smart doorbell market will give us this feature. Until then, the RemoBell retailing at $199, is still a fantastic product that should not be overlooked. We are quite happy to give this product our Gold Seal.

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Earlier last year we reviewed Olive & Dove’s other powerful monitoring product, the RemoCam. Now, with CES 2017 just behind us, Olive & Dove has given us the opportunity to look at their new product, the RemoBell. Just like the RemoCam, the RemoBell is a monitoring device with an easy and intuitive smartphone app that directly controls the device, but with a different purpose, the RemoBell is not a camera but a doorbell. Now entering the market of smart doorbells, the $199 RemoBell hopes to use the RemoCam’s already powerful features and implement them into a new, intuitive doorbell.…

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RemoBell's wide angled lens coupled with thermal detection and night vision capabilities all on top of an easy to use application make this a powerful doorbell.

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