Thermaltake 3.0 Riing 360 RGB

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As per usual our monitoring device is AIDA 64, which will enable us to monitor the temperatures of the CPU and Package. First test comprises of a 100 percent CPU stress test without an overclock.

After an hour of stress we see the final results. The ambient temperature in the room were in is regulated at around 23°C. The test yielded around 42.7°C while our package temp averaged 53.2°C. This is very standard for coolers and neither amazes us nor lets us down.

Next. we see ourselves increasing the clock settings to 4.9 GHZ without increasing the core voltage. Obviously we see an increase of temperatures here in regards to the average temperatures. Our CPU package sat at a 64.5°C in addition to the average CPU temp of 54.5°C. These results lean more to the side of great performance due to Thermaltakes 3.0 Riing 360 RGB ability to cool under stress.Instead of unplugging everything and taking the decibels from a barley functioning  pump/rad, we decided to take the sound reading from a pump and rad running under normal circumstances. Our cooler sat at a very silent 52.1 dB. To put this in perspective, that is the equivalent of soft office noise.

You can find the Thermaltake 3.0 Riing 360 RGB HERE for $150.30 USD on Amazon at the time of this review.

With heat wave after heat wave hitting us, we find ourselves in search for an air conditioner or high RPM fan to cool ourselves down. If you think about a CPU as always having a heat wave you can understand the need for consistent cooling. Thermaltake has thrown their 3.0 Riing 360 RGB our way to see what its made out of and how much heat relief can be provided. We will also be using Thermaltake's View 71 chassis to see if there is synergy between the two. Packaging and Contents One of the few companies to plastic wrap the…

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If you are looking for a fairly priced 360 mm cooler with pleanty of strengths, we would recommend the Thermaltake 3.0 Riing 360 RGB for you.

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