Thermaltake Tt eSports Shock Console Gaming Headset Review


The microphone clips in near the bottom of the left ear and only fits one-way, it extends about four inches out from the ear and is quite flexible.


With three cushions for the top of the head and one for each ear, we found the headset to be a comfortable and pleasing fit with no discomfort or excessive pressure.



Frequency Response  20-20k Hz
Impedance  32 ohms
Sensitivity  98 dB
Driver Unit  40 mm
Frequency Response  50-15k Hz
Impedance 2.2k ohms
Sensitivity -52 dB
Driver Unit Omni-Directional


We tested the TteSPORTS Shock Gaming Headset on a PlayStation 4, playing Call of Duty: Ghosts and NHL 15. Playing definitely gives you the full use of this headset as far as sound and communication goes.

Clear and crisp sounds of crawling and reloads around corners. The sound is perfectly placed as it should be giving you ample reaction time to counter any stalking. Through hours of use on NHL 15 we noticed no issues in communication with opponents and even had a few people ask about the headset as we got into chatting with them as we played. Hearing everything from disappointed grumbles to excited cries this headset does the trick with ease. Adding in the fact that the headset plays not only chat, but also game sounds, it gave us the ability to stay up way past our bedtime playing with the TV on mute, all while not missing a single sound or chirp while everyone was sleeping.


Being able to control the chat sound and game sound in the headset separately is perfect, especially when you end up on a chat with someone you’d rather hear less from, you can mute them while still hearing full game play. Wearing the headset during gameplay is a little less amazing, but still not bad as the ear cups each extend about an inch, giving you some wiggle room for head size adjustment. Unfortunately the ear phones don’t turn at all and are single positioned.


As we have come to experience with Thermaltake and their gaming gear, they continue to push the bar with quality and entice us with visual stimulation. Today we have the privilege of looking at the Tt eSports Shock Console Gaming Headset. The Shock family of gaming headset has covered all spectrums of these previously listed characteristics, from wireless options, to 7.1 3D surround, and various colour options. Today we will be looking at a more basic model of the Shock family which will give you a clear look into Thermaltake’s vision and standards. PACKAGING & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Shock’s gaming headset’s…

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Comfortable and Reliable

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