Thermaltake Tt eSports Shock Console Gaming Headset Review

The IRC is located roughly two feet down the headset which is great for maneuvering it around, but unfortunately doesn’t come with a clip or anything to permanently secure it to while you play, so quick access to it usually depends on how much you move around and you’ll have to wait for a pause in the action to make any quick adjustments to sound on the fly. This could affect you in games such as COD where you may have volume low and need to turn it up quick to hear a little closer in such situations as Search and Rescue where it’s not always guns blazing and a more tactical situation. The cord is 12 feet long from the base of the ear to the decoder so that allows plenty of room for the cord to stretch out to where you need it to be. If wires aren’t your thing, remember there is a wireless version.


Finally the microphone, it claims omni-directional and it is super flexible, but if you try and bend it up or down it bounces back down to a straight profile, you can push it further back or forward, but that’s about the extent of the flexibility. That was okay with us though as it landed right in front of our mouths and our opponents/ teammates had no problems hearing us at any point. Through and through we enjoyed use of this headset.


The wired Shock Console comes with a limited two year warranty, which is basically outlined as is the majority of their products. If it’s in the two year time frame and you didn’t cause it through reckless or abusive use, they’ll fix it. The Shock comes in at $39.99, which is a great price for this piece of equipment for any budget.

Overall, we liked it! A few flaws, but what doesn’t have things to improve on and this being the basic model of the Shock family it’s a pretty good standard. Easy hook up and use have you right in the action in seconds. Adding a clip on the IRC and maybe a little extra movement for the ear pieces wouldn’t hurt. The sound quality and ability to wear them for hours without any issues leaves us with nothing, but good things to say about the Shock. A great affordable purchase


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As we have come to experience with Thermaltake and their gaming gear, they continue to push the bar with quality and entice us with visual stimulation. Today we have the privilege of looking at the Tt eSports Shock Console Gaming Headset. The Shock family of gaming headset has covered all spectrums of these previously listed characteristics, from wireless options, to 7.1 3D surround, and various colour options. Today we will be looking at a more basic model of the Shock family which will give you a clear look into Thermaltake’s vision and standards. PACKAGING & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Shock’s gaming headset’s…

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Comfortable and Reliable

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