Corsair Crystal 570X Chassis Review


Overall our build went great, nice and easy, with lots of room for installation. So, easy a child could do it.

The 570X will house mini, micro, and ATX motherboards. Installing the board we noticed that the top of the PSU cover should have at least one pass through for convenience of the wires that connect to the bottom of the mobo.

The mobo is a perfect fit in the chassis and lines up great with the rubber grommets.

Internal component specifications are pretty diverse, given you aren’t using a front mounted rad you don’t really have too much of a limit although.

As you can see our graphics card as well as our Kingspec 1 TB Pci-e SSD are having no space related issues with this build.

As previously mentioned, the PSU compartment is covered from the main side. We recommend before securing the PSU to the back panel you tilt it to the side to allow easy cable-manipulation and installation.

The 2.5″ drive slots above the PSU compartment are a design we have yet to see and are quite impressed with. rather than having to lock them in place with screws, they have a clip in system which holds the SSD securely. You will also see the fan hub here which will connect all your RGB fans in one synchronized loop.

Once all your installation is complete comes our favourite part of this build, the cable cover. This innovative yet simplistic cover gives the back of the build a finesse look and if you aren’t a pro “cable-manager” this will let you pretend to be one given the clean organized look.

Our one issue with the 570X is in the side panels. They don’t sit flush with the frame of the chassis itself. This allows for dust and dirt to seep in through the sides.

This however is an easy fix and one you can even do yourself with some caulking or sticky-padding. But as you can see on the top panel there is quite the standoff from the glass to the frame. This is the same on both sides; top,sides and bottom.

Here we go again with another in the family of beautifully crafted tempered glass chassis. Corsair however has upped the ante on this one. We've seen Thermaltake evolve their Core Series chassis to three-sided tempered glass (TG) and Phanteks Evolv with dual panels. Today Corsair is showing four-panel tempered glass. The impression this chassis left us with just from photographs set a high standard that we are sure they will keep up throughout this review. Packaging, Contents, and Pricing The Crystal 570X packaging is not necessarily retail ready but that has been the case with every TG case we have reviewed so far. This isn't a…

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Materials and Skeletal Construction

Crystal Clear!

Corsair's Crystal 570X is the perfect choice for those who view aesthetics as important as component performance!

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  1. The graphic text “lighting control” under the 1-2-3 buttons is upside-down??

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