Corsair Crystal 570X Chassis Review

Final Thoughts & Analysis

The 570X is an outstanding case!

As far as our build went there were no issues and was very expedient.. Spacious and very fitting of any components you throw at we don’t have too much negative to say about the 570X. The four-sided tempered glass with the front and top having the honeycomb vents give this rig a gorgeous look.

At the time of this review the Corsair Crystal 570X was listed on Amazon at $214 CDN. While this tips a little high on the ATX chassis scale, you are really getting what you pay for. FOUR tempered glass panels. three RGB fans and a beautiful finish to a chassis that will be sure to highlight your outstanding components. The Crystal 570X easily takes an Editors choice award today.


Here we go again with another in the family of beautifully crafted tempered glass chassis. Corsair however has upped the ante on this one. We've seen Thermaltake evolve their Core Series chassis to three-sided tempered glass (TG) and Phanteks Evolv with dual panels. Today Corsair is showing four-panel tempered glass. The impression this chassis left us with just from photographs set a high standard that we are sure they will keep up throughout this review. Packaging, Contents, and Pricing The Crystal 570X packaging is not necessarily retail ready but that has been the case with every TG case we have reviewed so far. This isn't a…

Review Overview

Materials and Skeletal Construction

Crystal Clear!

Corsair's Crystal 570X is the perfect choice for those who view aesthetics as important as component performance!

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  1. The graphic text “lighting control” under the 1-2-3 buttons is upside-down??

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