Elgato Eve Energy Wireless Power Sensor & Switch Review


The Eve Energy is one of the coolest smart-home products we have seen to date. Being able to control an electrical device by yelling at Siri is lazy, yet unbelievably awesome at the same time! For us, it was handy to see how much that older laptop was using when it on as compared to when we left it in standby for a week.

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Taking a look at Amazon, you can pick up an Eve Energy for as low as $49.95. Realistically, this is worth every penny. For us the automation and Siri features alone make us want to buy ten more to create a Siri disco dance party.

If you are looking for an incredibly simple way to make your home smarter and take back some of your hard earned energy from those energy hogs, than look no further than the Eve Energy, our new best friend and Editor’s Choice award winner!


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Today we are taking an in-depth look at the Eve Energy, the wireless power sensor and switch, a small white power adapter that allows you to monitor consumption, remotely control that electronic and track power trends with that device. What more could you ask for from a smart home device? Let's find out! With spring finally providing it's full effect, the urge to begin spring cleaning is inevitable. For some it is the time to clean out that nasty closet, which may look like it consumed that old aunt you coincidently have not seen since she was at your place during the…

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The Elgato Eve Energy is valuable in more ways than one, it can keep you up to date on the power-hungry device and it let's you control devices with the help of Siri. An overall informative and fun device to have in your home!

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