iolo Technologies System Mechanic PC Tune-Up Software Quick Look


  • Anti-malware:  monitor status of Windows Security Essentials

System Mechanic anti-malware

  • Firewall:  monitor status of Windows firewall

System Mechanic firewall


  • Automated tasks:  schedule regular maintenance and optimization tasks

System Mechanic automated tasks


  • IntelliStatus reports:  monitor drive and memory usage, startup and running programs

System Mechanic IntelliStatus reports

  • History reports:  look at most recent System Mechanic activity, and logs of prior activity

System Mechanic history reports

  • Reliability reports:  View graphic representations of system performance over a time period

System Mechanic reliability reports


Manage add-ons:  enable and manage System Mechanic’s Windows gadget for PC health status

System Mechanic manage add-ons

The image below gives you a close-up display of the PC Health Status Windows Gadget that you can keep on your desktop screen.

System Mechanic windows gadget for PC health status

PC maintenance is one of the most overlooked aspects of owning and using a Windows-based computer system.  Just like any other "machine", your PC requires regular and periodic maintenance in order to keep it performing at its optimum levels, and to extend its useful life.  Microsoft has incorporated quite a number of diagnostic and maintenance tools into modern Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8, however accessing many of these can be a tad difficult for less experienced users.  By utilizing a third-party software solution, you can simplify the ability to utilize these tools to repair, optimize and protect…

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Features & Tools

Excellent PC Cleaner!

iolo System Mechanic is a powerful tool for ensuring that your PC remains clean and under control. At a very reasonable software price, System Mechanic is an excellent choice for basic users or even power users.

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