HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Design and Specifications

We see a very standard 104 key layout here with the addition of 7 extra keys.On the top left of the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB we see, from left to right, a brightness key with four setting including off, a three color customization button which we will touch on later and an anti ghosting key to eliminate the windows key presses in the middle of games. Located on the top right we have the multimedia keys with one of our favorite kind of volume controllers. We see a next/previous song switch in addition to a mute and play/pause switch.As we mentioned previous these keys have only changed in appearance from its smaller  less sophisticated brother. To the right of these four keys we see the volume roller. As juvenile as it sounds it’s WAY more fun to roll the level of your volume as opposed to pressing it. Thumbs up for not changing this HyperX!!! An extra USB port is always a handy thing to have and HyperX has added a 2.0 pass through to make connecting your phone or plugging in a mouse a breeze. Occupying the front of our Elite RGB is the port which connects to the IO by means of 2 USB connectors. This is one of the very few gaming keyboards to incorporates a data port. This solid steel framed beauty has a length of 44 cm, a width of 17 cm and sits approximately 2.5 cm off the desk(including height of the keys). We found the space it takes up to be an almost perfect fit on our very basic IKEA computer desk. Last but not least we see the partnership with Cherry for their durable and long-lasting switches. We have Cherry’s MX Brown switch installed on this board, however, MX Blue and MX Red are also available for purchase. The MX Brown switch is a solid medium in between two completely different switches. Our Brown switch kept the tactile feel from the MX Blue while at the same time staying linear like the MX Red sitting at 45 cn of actuating force.

We met with HyperX at CES 2018 in Vegas and have been patiently waiting for our opportunity to check out their RGB refit of one of our favorite keyboards.HyperX released the Alloy Elite RGB earlier this year to compete directly with companies like Corsair and Razer. We are curious to see how easy and efficient their color changing software is and to try out this new board with Cherry Brown switches. Lets get right into it! Packaging and Contents We love packaging where neat and tidiness are adhered to at the highest standard. The rectangular package catches your eye with…

Review Overview

Design and Specs

Keyboard Heaven!

We can not recommend this amazing machine enough. If you have $169.99 USD lying around there is no reason to let the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB pass you by.

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