Samsung EX2F Camera Review – A Low-Light Advanced Point-And-Shoot For Any Photographer



The Samsung EX2F overall is an incremental upgrade of its predecessor, the TL500. The largest selling feature is the upgrade from an f1.8 lens to an f1.4 lens with ½ a stop difference. That’s almost a full stop less from the competition; it is also one of the brightest lenses on the market in this form factor. Another very welcomed upgrade from its predecessor is the larger 1/1.7″ BSI CMOS. Those two combining factors makes this point-and-shoot excel in some very difficult low light situations. A needed upgrade is the EX2F’s ability to take full 1080p video, a standard in most new point-and-shoots, but was left out in the TL500.


The EX2F has a full metal body that measures 111.9 x 62.0 x 28.9mm. While the camera is a tad on the bulky side it should fit in a larger pocket. Summer is here so break out the cargo shorts. The added rubber grips on the front and back feel very secure while holding the frame. The EX2F build is incredibly lightweight, and the camera without battery or memory card weighs 294.3g.


Moving on to the front of the EX2F is the Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan lens. The lens is a 3.3x optical zoom. Its widest is 17.2 mm (24mm equivalent focal length) at f/1.4. At full telephoto it becomes an 80mm equivalent at f/2.7. That number is truly impressive since most modern point-and-shoots begin around the f/2.0 mark at their widest. At the same time, 3.3x optical zoom won’t get you an amazing close up of anything, but it should still perform admirably in low light situations.

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