Samsung EX2F Camera Review – A Low-Light Advanced Point-And-Shoot For Any Photographer


When we first saw the EX2F, it looked underwhelming. We really thought it was going to be another PowerShot G series clone. After spending time with it, the Samsung EX2F won us over. Other cameras do certain things better, but this camera excels where the others fail and/or are mediocre at best. From incredible close ups you can get with Macro and the insane blurred depth of field shots. The impressive low light shots make the EX2F stick out in the competitive advanced compact point-and-shoot arena.


There are a few caveats keeping this camera from being the best. Colour reproduction still looks a tad on the muddy side. The colours don’t pop and are not as vivid as some of the competition. speed of the camera sometimes it locks a little, maybe it was just the review sample we were given. Sometimes if you push the camera, it hiccups a little and takes a second to catch up. At higher ISO the grain becomes too much and the photos are not usable.


For a contemporary looking camera the EX2F stands out and performs very well alongside the competition. If upgrading to something a little richer, look into the Samsung NX 300. A lot of the same features brilliant connectivity with Wi-Fi and other devices. You get a larger sensor with an ever expanding series of lenses. It’s a shame to have parted company with the EX2F. It did a lot of really impressive features, and really hit the finer details perfectly. A few things that still need work like video quality. Overall if you buy this camera, the investment will be worth it.


Disclosure: my first digital camera was the Samsung Digimax A400 camera which taught me everything I know about photography, good and bad. I’m very happy Samsung has decided to keep their camera line going. Very humble beginnings and always improving.


     At the wide angle of things


zoomed in


100% crop details

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