Samsung EX2F Camera Review – A Low-Light Advanced Point-And-Shoot For Any Photographer


Wi-Fi is brilliant on this camera, allowing you to seamlessly connect to a range of external devices. We will admit using this camera on other Samsung products works flawlessly. For other devices it works well, but it thrives in the Samsung Ecosystem. Playing back photos and videos on a Samsung Smart TV is simple and the result is smiles all around; no headaches with little learning requirement of the menu system – anyone can do this.


On the right side of the device there are Micro-HDMI and Mini-USB inputs, making playback on a TV as simple as plugging into the HDMI jack and scrolling through and selecting images, movies, etc.. While the USB is connected to a computer, the camera will begin to charge, a lovely feature since you either plug the camera into a wall socket or USB to power up. The sides of the EX2F also feature rotating eyelets for the camera strap.


On the bottom of the camera we have the tripod mount and Battery/SD card slot.


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