Storage Visions 2016 – An Overview of The Latest!

The Consumer Electronics Show is just about to get under way, and we are here at Storage Visions 2016 to see the latest and greatest when it comes to storage and memory. As usual, the conference is crowded with some of the industry’s brightest minds who portray their opinions on some of the emerging trends and forecast where they believe the market is going. We do find that the population of exhibitors at this event appears to reducing year by year.

SV 2016 Logo

Our big-sister website, The SSD Review, is also providing active coverage on the latest storage trends. One of the presentations that was attended focused primarily on the emerging trends of 3D NAND and non-volatile memory (NVDIMM).

SV 2016 Presentation 4

Also on display was Storage Networking  Industry Association (SNIA), who was showcasing  Super Modular Technologies DDR4 NVDIMM that was paired up with an Intel 750 NVMe PCIe SSD, to compare IOPS and latency.

SNIA Plexistor SV 2016 1

A veteran to the Storage Vision’s scene was Drive Savers, with Star Trek legend Spock. They were displaying their technologies for recovering lost or damaged data from your storage media.

SV 2016 DriveSavers

Storage Visions, while predominantly storage and memory related, does have the few oddities that can relate to storage, but serve more as an extrapolation of the technology. Advantage Video Systems, a systems integrations specialist, has many great technologies on display, but the focus of their presentation was the mini UO Smart Beam Laser Projector.

SV 2016 UO Smart Beam Projector

Rogue Making, another extrapolated technology, is a simple concept brought forth by Tenaya Hurst, by which you make your own wearable technology. She brings this simple, but incredibly fun and innovative concept to kids primarily, but also serve as an excellent learning tool for adults.


Stay tuned for more coverage of Storage Visions 2016 and the Consumer Electronics Show 2016!

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