Cooler Master MasterBox 5 – Canada Model – Review


The MasterBox 5 when all is said and done was a great case to build with. The ability to manipulate the parts around and build your own personality. We went with a more simple build today but this case is completely capable of loop cooling systems with the proper parts.MasterBox 5Now lets see how the Pro’s and Con’s even out!


  • limited top panel cooling options
  • stiff front panel makes removing worrisome
  • front fan bracket not included
  • price is a little high for included accessories


  • Amazing Cable management space
  • Great component clearance options
  • Front cooling installation without removal of panel
  • Easy to build with

Overall we were very happy with the MasterBox 5 and believe you will to. With the ability to purchase windows, additional brackets and cages you will definitely find a combination of accessories that fits your build. The MasterBox 5 has earned our Silver Seal today!

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The story of Cooler Master is an easy one; they want to be the company that meets your needs. Regardless if you are a casual user, hobbyist, gamer or filmmaker they want to seem like the perfect fit for you. As you may have seen in the past with our review of the MasterCase 5 from December of last year, they are all about becoming modular. This is great as everyone has their own style and when you're building your computer you should always have a bit of your personality put into it. UNBOXING, CONTENTS & PRICING As we have…

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MasterBox 5 is a great case to build with, the pro's out weight the cons on this one and comes recommended from your friends here at TechX!

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