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Cooler Master MasterBox 5 – Canada Model – Review


The MasterBox 5 when all is said and done was a great case to build with. The ability to manipulate the parts around and build your own personality. We went with a more simple build today but this case is completely capable of loop cooling systems with the proper parts.MasterBox 5Now lets see how the Pro’s and Con’s even out!


  • limited top panel cooling options
  • stiff front panel makes removing worrisome
  • front fan bracket not included
  • price is a little high for included accessories


  • Amazing Cable management space
  • Great component clearance options
  • Front cooling installation without removal of panel
  • Easy to build with

Overall we were very happy with the MasterBox 5 and believe you will to. With the ability to purchase windows, additional brackets and cages you will definitely find a combination of accessories that fits your build. The MasterBox 5 has earned our Silver Seal today!

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The story of Cooler Master is an easy one; they want to be the company that meets your needs. Regardless if you are a casual user, hobbyist, gamer or filmmaker they want to seem like the perfect fit for you. As you may have seen in the past with our review of the MasterCase 5 from December of last year, they are all about becoming modular. This is great as everyone has their own style and when you're building your computer you should always have a bit of your personality put into it. UNBOXING, CONTENTS & PRICING As we have…

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MasterBox 5 is a great case to build with, the pro's out weight the cons on this one and comes recommended from your friends here at TechX!

User Rating: 3.65 ( 1 votes)
  • JohnD

    Nice review, thanks. I have a question… that vertical PCI slot at the back, it looks like it can be punched out. Could you have a GPU mounted vertically inside to take advantage of that??

    • Paul Tokar

      I don’t see why you couldn’t the slot is there just the ability to mount it would be a little tricky, also it’s a single height slot which limits what you could do there. This isn’t a windowed version of the case either so the side mount would only be useful if you purchase the window panel separately.

  • Brechan Fraser

    I’m a little confused; the title says that this is the Canada Edition of the case, what makes it Canadian – I don’t see any maple leaves scattered about (lol).

    • Paul Tokar

      Yes, we were a little concerned about the lack of maple leafs as well! I talked to the company and they said the only difference between the US and CDN version is that the CDN version doesn’t have the window side panel and the US version will be available in White. Basically they are just limiting what we will have retailed here. Not a huge fan of that kind of limitation and for the future when they try and make something sound special by branding it “Canadian Version” maybe have something Canadian specific about it rather then just limiting what is available for us.