iFamCare Helmet 1080p Full HD Monitor Review


For $150USD iFamCare has produced a product that touches on everything we could ask for from a home monitor. From interacting with people and pets in the home to ensuring night-time security with the night-vision function working. Working on some small issues like making it 5G compatible or compatible with larger SD cards would help with the technical aspect as well as for user friendliness making the movement of the helmet more consistent and less random with the distance it travels per stroke. OE1A3982_FotorThese are small adjustments that we are sure we will see fixed in future products or models of the Helmet. Such as the iBaby M6S which is already boasting the 5G capability.  1080p, 360 rotation and the ability to play with your pets while you’re away from home has made us feel more in control and secure thanks to iFamCare, therefor earning them our Silver Seal.

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OVERVIEW With security and safety being one of the biggest things people are concerned about when it comes to their homes, iFamCare has come out with a very diverse smart home system that lets you have a little more piece of mind while you're away from your home. The Helmet, as it is named by it's shape, boasts some pretty awesome features such as two-way talking and 1080p full HD picture to name a couple. Let's start with a walk around the products packaging. PACKAGING iFamCare has done a great job of presenting this product through the packaging. If you…

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iFamCare's Helmet is a great product at a reasonable price.

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