Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3 1200W PSU Unboxing & Overview


Here we have the four screws to secure the PSU to your case, some cable ties and nice Velcro ties for cable management are also included. We especially like to see the inclusion of Velcro ties as they have been enjoyable to use in the past. You also get a nice little case badge for you case if you like to show that your PC is powered by Seasonic. As you would expect in a PSU, a three pronged power cable is included, so you have a ground wire.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-9Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-8

Next we can see the peripheral 4-pin cables that allow up to five connections as well as the SATA cables that allow up to 14 SATA devices to be connected. We also have one floppy drive connector for those who still want to connect a floppy drive to their system. The PSU comes with five PCIe cables which are split into two 6 + 2 Pin connectors giving us a total of ten PCIe connections.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-10Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-11

Here we have the standard 20 + 4 ATX connector at 610mm in length, which is long enough to maintain neat cable management in most standard cases. This cable is also braided so you can individually sleeve this cable if you like. There are also two 650mm CPU cables for power to the CPU; they come in a standard 8-pin connector and an 8/4-pin connector which allows for connecting a motherboard that comes with both an 8-pin and a 4-pin socket.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-12

Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, gamer or a seasoned overclocker, at some point you would have come across the PSU brand Seasonic. You may have also read that previous versions of Corsair PSU’s have used Seasonic as their OEM, thus they have a good reputation in the PC component market as well as with other PSU manufacturers. Today, we will focus on one particular model of Seasonic’s flagship PSUs, the SS-1200XP3 1200W Platinum. For high-end multi-GPU gaming systems or even power hungry homemade storage servers the Seasonic 1200W Platinum might just be the solution for you. This particular model is…

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The Seasonic 1200W Platinum lives up to what we would expect from such a highly rated PSU manufacture. From design, components used and cabling, the Platinum series from Seasonic is well worth considering for your next PSU purchase. This PSU is suitable for most high-end systems that require over 1000W's of power.

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