Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3 1200W PSU Unboxing & Overview


The most notable piece of information here is a nice strong 100A single 12V Rail. A strong single 12V rail is what can make a PSU more attractive to those who require high output load such as extreme overclockers as well as users that like to push their CPU and graphics cards to the limits. This is part of the reason is why numerous LN2 benchers have adopted the Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3 1200W PSU as their PSU of choice, other reasons include build quality and value for money. The build quality as well as the 80 Plus Platinum certification has allowed for LN2 benchers to push past the 1200W rating while running benchmarks on the most power hungry hardware. This is not recommended to run the PSU under such high loads for normal everyday use.


The input voltage ranges from 100 – 240V with a max range of 90 – 264V, 15 – 7.5A 50/60Hz, which covers pretty much all countries power specifications. This is pretty standard nowadays for electrical goods. As you can see in the above diagram the PSU is compliant to industry standards such as ErP Lot6 2013, as well as features the protection levels found on modern PSU’s such as Over-Current Protection and so forth. The above diagram gives you an overview of this information.

To see further information on safety regulations, special features, and further information please visit Seasonic’s product page.


The Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3 1200W PSU at first looks has lived up to what you would expect from Seasonic. The unit is a solid build and capable of handling heavy loads for benchers, gamers or normal users alike using some of the most power hungry components such as an I7-5960x and SLI TitanX GPU’s overclocked as an example. These ribbon cables come at one disadvantage to modders as they can’t easily be individually sleeved though we expect that you can buy already made sleeved cabling.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-16

The true 12V single rail is what drew me to use this PSU in my upcoming LN2 ventures for efficient power distribution. This combined with 10 x 6 + 2-pin PCIe cables allow for multi-GPU configurations for extreme gamers or users. When benching both CPU and graphics cards under LN2 we would only recommend connecting a total of just two GPU’s since the PSU is only 1200W. When doing volt mods and the like the system can consume near the limit of this PSU’s rating.

The 7-year warranty is expected as most Seasonic PSU’s such as the X-series also carry a 7-year warranty. Many other manufacturers of quality PSU’s do carry a 7-year warranty on their higher tier units which is slowly becoming the standard PSU warranty. We proudly award the Seasonic Platinum 1200W PSU with our Gold Seal of Approval!

Tech X Gold Seal Opt

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Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, gamer or a seasoned overclocker, at some point you would have come across the PSU brand Seasonic. You may have also read that previous versions of Corsair PSU’s have used Seasonic as their OEM, thus they have a good reputation in the PC component market as well as with other PSU manufacturers. Today, we will focus on one particular model of Seasonic’s flagship PSUs, the SS-1200XP3 1200W Platinum. For high-end multi-GPU gaming systems or even power hungry homemade storage servers the Seasonic 1200W Platinum might just be the solution for you. This particular model is…

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Gold Seal Approved!

The Seasonic 1200W Platinum lives up to what we would expect from such a highly rated PSU manufacture. From design, components used and cabling, the Platinum series from Seasonic is well worth considering for your next PSU purchase. This PSU is suitable for most high-end systems that require over 1000W's of power.

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