Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3 1200W PSU Unboxing & Overview


Now we take our first look at the Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3 1200W PSU! As you can see it has the standard intake fan grill although the grill has nice looking silver decal to it.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-16

Looking at the connector side we see it has a nice range of connectors plus the beauty of being fully modular. Notice the switch, which allows the fan to operate in two modes, Hybrid and Normal. Hybrid mode provides three different modes which are fanless, silent and cooling modes. This allows automatic fan control based on load and temperature so that the PSU can operate quietly at minimal load and prolongs fan life. Normal mode is as if the fan operates as standard PSU fans. To see more about this operation visit Seasonic.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-13

This side just shows the basics with simple grooved panel. Its length according to dimensions is 190mm, which is fairly long compared to most standard ATX PSUs.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-14

At the back there is the normal honeycomb mesh design as well as a decent sized on/off switch and power cable connector.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-15

Now we come to the side that is similar to every PSU we have worked with. Here we have all the basic information from compliance, certification, serial number and the output of the rails. This leads us to the next part of this discussion.

Seasonic Platinum SS-1200XP3-17

Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, gamer or a seasoned overclocker, at some point you would have come across the PSU brand Seasonic. You may have also read that previous versions of Corsair PSU’s have used Seasonic as their OEM, thus they have a good reputation in the PC component market as well as with other PSU manufacturers. Today, we will focus on one particular model of Seasonic’s flagship PSUs, the SS-1200XP3 1200W Platinum. For high-end multi-GPU gaming systems or even power hungry homemade storage servers the Seasonic 1200W Platinum might just be the solution for you. This particular model is…

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The Seasonic 1200W Platinum lives up to what we would expect from such a highly rated PSU manufacture. From design, components used and cabling, the Platinum series from Seasonic is well worth considering for your next PSU purchase. This PSU is suitable for most high-end systems that require over 1000W's of power.

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