XFX XTR 1050W Gold Rated Power Supply – Unboxing and Overview


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Taking a look inside we see large Japanese capacitors, which are important seeing as these are the main capacitors.

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As we look further and in more detail at the internals, we see solid build quality and nice heatsinks where needed.

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Having all Japanese caps is a very important thing in a higher end power supply as they are more reliable and last much longer, they also allow cleaner power to your system.


You should expect this Seasonic built PSU to perform as expected, amazingly. The build quality and internals are top notch and are built to last. You may be able to find units much cheaper and at a lower wattage as well as rating, but the PSU is the heart of your system, pumping electricity to all of your main components. If you can afford to spend the extra cash on a unit like this, it is money very well spent.

This PSU is mostly a re-branding of the original XTR, which was a very reliable and tested PSU. With this refresh we can only expect amazing performance and durability. We do feel like the 5 year warranty is a bit lacking considering this unit should be able to last you easily 7-10 years, but this is a minor problem with an overall fantastic unit!

The unit will be priced at $189.99 later this week. The price is similar to other power supplies in its category, if not cheaper. We should expect this to also be sold in combo deals with XFX Graphics cards, as well as XFX having a history with having rebates and sales on their power supplies in the past.

Just like its efficiency rating we think the XFX XTR 1050W is worthy of a Gold rating!

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As a company that sells graphics cards, XFX has a lot at stake when they put their name on a power supply. We have high expectations for the unit we've got today, the XFX XTR 1050W. After our reviews on the XFX R9 290 and the XFX R9 280 we wanted to take a look at the rebranding they have on their power supplies. The aforementioned PSU is based on a Seasonic unit like all of their other power supplies, which if you don't already know Seasonic is the Rolls Royce of power supplies; rugged, long lasting and reliable are all words that come…

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Sturdy, Well Built and Reliable!

For those looking for a serious unit under 1200 Watts this is it! The XFX XTR PSU as a re-brand of its predessor is truly expected to be a solid performer at an appropriate price range as well!

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