XFX XTR 1050W Gold Rated Power Supply – Unboxing and Overview


The inner carton for the PSU doesn’t really have much to show, unless you really are a fan of cardboard.

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Moving on, we see on the top here that XFX packed this PSU very well. An abundance of soft foam and bubble wrap is never an issue with us!

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The cables are bundled in a small plastic bag, while not the most elegant solution it serves the purpose just fine.

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We also see our PSU is bagged in bubble wrap to keep it safe during shipping, while it might be overkill we appreciated the effort and it just may keep it a bit safer during shipping.


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Our XFX XTR Power Supply has the standard honeycomb grille, there really is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

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On both sides we see an XTR logo for those of you with windowed side panels.

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On the front we see a wealth of connectors here. 5 IDE/SATA ports, 4 PCI-E ports, 2 ports for the motherboard 24 Pin connector as well as 2 CPU 8Pin connectors.

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Taking a look at the cables we see XFX sleeved all the cables in black, while the 24 pin has a braid. We agree with this as it shouldn’t clash with too many configurations.

As a company that sells graphics cards, XFX has a lot at stake when they put their name on a power supply. We have high expectations for the unit we've got today, the XFX XTR 1050W. After our reviews on the XFX R9 290 and the XFX R9 280 we wanted to take a look at the rebranding they have on their power supplies. The aforementioned PSU is based on a Seasonic unit like all of their other power supplies, which if you don't already know Seasonic is the Rolls Royce of power supplies; rugged, long lasting and reliable are all words that come…

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Sturdy, Well Built and Reliable!

For those looking for a serious unit under 1200 Watts this is it! The XFX XTR PSU as a re-brand of its predessor is truly expected to be a solid performer at an appropriate price range as well!

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