Solidata K8 1920E SSD Review – SandForce Driven and an Amazing 2TB Capacity

SSD technology has seen some massive leaps since it was introduced in the mass consumer market a few years back. Throughout that time we have seen faster speeds, newer interfaces, and smaller designs. One drawback that has remained constant throughout is size, and it still is the major issue today for those looking to make the jump from mechanical to flash storage.

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive

Solidata Technology enters the fray with their K8 1920E enterprise/military-grade level 2TB MLC solid-state drive for roughly $5000. In terms of adding four 512GB SSDs together, it is quite steep considering it is just one single drive. That being said it is made for the industrial market in mind, but we will test and see if it is worth consumer recognition.



The drive itself is not bigger than a normal 2.5″ SSD as one may think due to its larger size. The low-profile footprint along with the shock, vibration, and security protection show that it is meant for a high-level industrial/enterprise environment.

The key fact to note is speeds – notably the 250MBps read and write speeds. As the interface shows, unfortunately the drive is SATA 2.0, not 3.0, hence has fully-saturated 3Gbps speeds instead of the 6Gbps nowadays. The three-year warranty is also on the low side when considering the market the SSD is aimed towards.

The Solidata K8 1920E comes in a simple white and blue coloured box. The front shows the drive, while the back has company information along with a QR-code that takes you to the product site to provide information and specifications lacking on the packaging:

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive-2solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive-1

Contents include the SSD wrapped in an anti-static bag, along with a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter and its accompanying screws:

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive


The K8 1920E 2TB has a sleek shiny silver enclosure. The front is clear aside from the branding, while the back has a few features and specifications stickered-on.

solidata-2tb-ssd-k8-1920e-solid-state-drive-13SSD Back

Oddly the warranty is listed as two-year instead of the three-year in the specs. The IOPS and sequential read/write speeds are also lower than reported.


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