Solidata K8 1920E SSD Review – SandForce Driven and an Amazing 2TB Capacity

As an added bonus we have the HD Tune Pro run a plethora of benchmarks and extra tests. We see higher reads and writes here, and since ATTO tends to do the same, the results are confirmed for both benchmarking tools. Note again we see no TRIM active, which is further confirmed by TRIM Check Ver. 0.4:

Solidata K8 1920E 2TB trim check


PCMark Vantage measures PCMarks as an indicator of performance across a variety of common tasks such as viewing and editing photos, video, music and other media, gaming, communications, productivity and security.

Solidata K8 1920E 2TB pcmark vantage

A score of ~35000 for PCM is decent for SATA 3Gbps speeds, but is certainly nowhere near the upper echelon of scores we have seen from newer SATA 6Gbps SSDs. To be fair, those drives have not been 2TB in space either.


Moving on to the real-world tests, we see that the SF-1222TA3-SBH chips are more than capable of boosting overall productivity. The file copy results are pretty quick for duplicating and moving around data:

solidata k8 1920e 2tb data transfer

Load times on a clean system are not bad either:

solidata k8 1920e 2tb windows 7 boot times

Keep in mind that Steam is in auto-login mode, so we can expect speeds to be a tad slower.


The Solidata K8 1920E 2TB SSD is the perfect example of how far SSDs have come these past few years in addressing the space versus cost ratio. Sure the drive is only SATA 2.0, and thus only able to hit the 250MB/s read/write maximum; but the fact that all of that space is on one single PCB with four FPUs allowing for a standard 2.5″ frame speaks highly of its innovative design.

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive

Being the first 2TB SSD of its kind, there is not much to compare the K8 1920E with. It performed extremely well, just as we would expect of any SATA 2.0 drive in 2013, but its main downside again is the lack of SATA 3.0 speeds. At an extremely steep $5000, it is tough to swallow an SSD offering anything less than market standards of today.

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive

With that being said, the K8 1920E is market more as an industrial/enterprise drive first and foremost, and hence fits that calling perfectly. For the price, consumers have better options, such as purchasing ten high-end 512GB SATA 3.0 SSDs and configuring them in RAID 5 for the same $5000 price. If you are looking for a single high-capacity SSD without having to go through any other hassles or headaches however, the Solidata K8 1920E 2TB SSD has you covered.


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