Solidata K8 1920E SSD Review – SandForce Driven and an Amazing 2TB Capacity


Opening the SSD simply required unscrewing and nothing special was needed. Interestingly the inside of the frame has a flame-retardant fabric strip to withstand industrial damages:

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive

Focusing on the green PCB we immediately see the four SandForce SF-1222TA3-SBH Flash Storage Processors. These chips in particular are SATA 2.6 compliant, with speeds up to 260MB/s read/write. Each processor supports up to 512GB MLC NAND memory, hence the four are required for the complete 2TB pool.

solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive pcb (2)solidata 2tb ssd k8-1920e solid state drive pcb (1)

Speaking of MLC NAND, the modules used are from Micron (MT29F512G08CUCABH3), with 32 total chips of which there are 16 on the front and back respectively. Each package is 64GB in size for a grand total of 2048GB.


Our system configuration for testing the Solidata K8 1920E 2TB wIS be Intel-based:

test system

The benchmark suites used for testing will most likely already be on your system, as essentially all of this software is available online. As such, it allows direct correlation between reader and reviewer due to the ease of accessibility, and hence results can simply be compared between different test systems and configurations.

Real-world benchmarks included a batch of files and folders with capacities of 250MB, 500MB, and 1000MB respectively to test file transfer performance. Windows 7 boot times were also monitored and timed starting from the OS load screen to Steam’s login window (the last program to load).

For consistency, each test was run three times for the DRAM cache to kick in, utilizing AHCI as the storage mode. The average of all three was taken as the final result. Note that once installed, the total size shows up as roughly 1788GB.

Solidata K8 1920E 2TB intel rst


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