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The Power Of Phanteks – CES 2018 Update

The first morning of meetings started off with a bang. Phanteks hosted us for a show and tell of sorts at their upcoming 2018 product line. The room was fairly small but somehow showcased everything from fans to their brand new PSU series.Phanteks huge unveiling of their new Revolt series. Two crucial jobs this PSU provides include running two systems …

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Corsair H60 AiO Liquid Cooler Review

Today we are going to fix our gaze on Corsair’s H60 AIO CPU cooler. All over the internet you see custom cooling loops tied into systems with over the top components. These systems cost an arm and a leg to purchase as well as take tedious amounts of hours to set up perfectly. What we are looking at is a very …

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DeepCool Captain 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

All-in-one liquid coolers, while being an incredibly easy way to get to liquid cool your CPU, are also generally boring when it comes to aesthetics, offering not much more than a plain black radiator and pump design. However, the subject of this review seems to breakaway from the norms. DeepCool is a company that specializes in PC cooling and accessories, in addition …

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DeepCool Tristellar mini-ITX PC Chassis to Release in June

This year at CES one of the most interesting things we saw was a crazy-looking mini-ITX case from DeepCool – a Chinese company best known for PC cooling – called the Tristellar.  DeepCool has recently created quite a splash in the PC chassis market, with some very interesting designs, the Tristellar being just the latest in their line of niche cases. The …

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Cooler Master Nepton 140XL Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Cooler Master has been known for their line of AiO coolers for quite some time now and, even though they’ve got a pretty wide selection already available, they constantly seem to come out with something new. A perfect example of this is seen with their new Nepton Series of liquid CPU coolers where they are 140mm class units, yet they …

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