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Corsair HS70 Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

The HS70 has been an anticipated review for us since the HS60 review we posted a while back. Looking forward to jumping off the cord and seeing what this wireless beauty can do to improve your gaming experience. Packaging and Contents Corsair has kept a fairly familiar packaging for the HS70 as you will see with many of their past …

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New Headset & Peripherals By Turtle Beach – CES 2015 Update

Turtle Beach had a great booth at CES this year, from live demo floors to private rooms, their set was rockin’! While there we were able to speak with David Lowey, senior director of corporate communications and public relations. He spoke to us about a brand new wireless headset for the Xbox One and their latest move into PC peripherals. The …

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 Dominates E3

Even before the show began, Sony went straight for the jugular, one-by-one listing every negative of Microsoft’s XBOX One and promising the PS4 will not follow the same route. It is perhaps one of the rare moments where a console “wins” over all other competitors prior to any of them entering the market. Daily activation, dropped support for used games, …

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