Cooler Master K500 TG Chassis Review

Design and Features

We love getting into the nitty gritty of features and were excited to see if this chassis can stack up to competition.Our absolute favorite feature in chassis is the addition of PSU shrouds. These can really give a chassis that extra pop by eliminating cables in view. You can also see the RGB cables for the chassis/fans/power button which will be paired with our Cooler Master AIO RGB system. We can foresee us running into some cable management issues considering this is a smaller chassis and we have an abundance of cables.  Instructions and warranty are always a must for any computer component. We probably wont use these instructions however they are quite descriptive in many languages.To the rear on the inside you can see the small amount of space that we are going to have to deal with. A 120 mm exhaust fan slot is also seen here with no option for 140 mm at all. Directly above the motherboard slot we see the dual 120 mm area which we will more than likely use for the two included RGB fans in an exhaust setup.Cooler Master has told us that this front panel can hold up to a 280 mm radiator for an AIO, however we are going to push the limit of this chassis and install a 360 mm one instead. Just to the left off the front intake radiator area is the quick release 2.5 ” mount.  Unfortunately this is the only area for a 2.5″ to be mounted without ordering extra mounts from Cooler Master. 3.5″ bays are disappearing out as the majority of people are starting to choose M2’s and SSD’s over their predecessors. We will be using it for our build but we wont be surprised in the future if these start getting phased out. As you may have guessed, the non removable PSU shroud really eliminates working space. More than likely were going to have to install cables before installing the PSU.

Cooler Master has recently bestowed upon us their recent mid tower RGB budget lineup. We are very excited to have a look at these new chassis and to see if quality comes with a smaller price tag.The new K500 TG chassis is comparable to Corsair's Spec-06 which we covered earlier on our site. Lets get right into the good and not so good of this tempered glass mid tower case. Packaging, Contents and Price Right out of the box we see a standard packaging setup. Both ends are covered by packing molded to the chassis.After dropping the large packing we…

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So Much RGB

Are you going to be taking on your first or second build? The K500 TG is the perfect chassis for you. Ascetics, Functionality and price match up here to create a great product.

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