Cooler Master K500 TG Chassis Review

Final Thoughts

Budget is a very loose term thrown out by companies to appeal to the mid to lower end of the consumer market. Coming in at $74.99 USD we would definitely consider this chassis budget. You get some great features here with a smaller hit to your wallet. You acquire a beautiful tempered glass viewing area with a ton of RGB options to create your own custom aesthetic experience. The addition of the PSU shroud and huge front radiator make this chassis very functional. One thing we would like to see is a deeper cable area to eliminate cable disorder. This is our first of three Cooler Master chassis and were happy to award the K500 TG a silver seal.


Cooler Master has recently bestowed upon us their recent mid tower RGB budget lineup. We are very excited to have a look at these new chassis and to see if quality comes with a smaller price tag.The new K500 TG chassis is comparable to Corsair's Spec-06 which we covered earlier on our site. Lets get right into the good and not so good of this tempered glass mid tower case. Packaging, Contents and Price Right out of the box we see a standard packaging setup. Both ends are covered by packing molded to the chassis.After dropping the large packing we…

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So Much RGB

Are you going to be taking on your first or second build? The K500 TG is the perfect chassis for you. Ascetics, Functionality and price match up here to create a great product.

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