DeepCool Quanta DQ1250 1250W PSU Unboxing & Overview



Once we get the unit out of its wrapper, we’ll get a closer look at it. At first glance, it is rather striking, with a nice industrial looking rough textured finished accented by gold fan grill covering its 140mm PWM cooling fan.


While the black and gold sticker on the side of the unit looks quite nice, it is unfortunate that for the majority of users it’ll be hidden as it is on the wrong side, unless you prefer to have the intake fan pull air from within your case, which is not really optimal. Also, as this is a large capacity unit, it is also quite large physically, measuring 200mm in length, 150mm wide, and 86mm in height. So, you’ll want to ensure your case can accommodate the extra length.


Around back, we’ll find a nice large power rocker, which is great to see on a unit of this size. In addition to that, we’ll also find a large ventilated area, which is cut-out in a honeycomb pattern, which should supply more than adequate exhaust.


Around the other side, we’ll get a look at our connection options which include: 6x PCI-E connectors, and 5x peripheral connectors which can be used for storage, fans, and any other devices which connect with either SATA power or Molex.


As this is a semi-modular unit, obviously not all connections are modular. Of course, for this price we’d like to see as few, preferably none, hardwired connections as possible. That being said, the hardwired connections here are ones you’ll most likely be using anyhow.

They include: 1x 20+4-pin ATX power connector, and 2x 8-Pin CPU power cables, one of which can be divided into 4+4. There’s also extensions included which can make both cables a little longer, which is nice because they’re a bit short at 525mm. However,  the 20+4-pin connector does not include an extension, which is rather unfortunate as it is even shorter at 490mm, and features a rather ugly “rainbow spaghetti” of cables.


Taking a look at the included cables, we have  a total of 4x 6+2-pin PCI-E cables, which measure 540mm in length. We also have another 2x PCI-E 8-pin/6+2-pin PCI-E cables which measures a total of  695mm. We also have 2x SATA power cables which measure a total of 990mm, as well as 2x 4-pin Molex connectors which also measure a total of 990m. Finally, we have 2x SATA+Molex cables which measure 1,140mm in length total. This gives us plenty of expand-ability for multiple graphics card configurations, and large amounts of storage options.

In the wonderful world of DIY PC building, easily one of the most important components in any system is the power supply. Unfortunately, this is usually one area that is an afterthought for most users, as for the most part, power supplies tend to lack the excitement that is brought upon us by the more performance-effecting components such as the CPU and GPU. Well, today we hope to help in changing that by bringing you an unboxing and overview of the ultra high-end DeepCool Quanta DQ1250, which is a platinum rated, semi-modular 1250W power supply which aims to deliver enough power…

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The DeepCook DQ1250 Quanta is a quality power supply that we would recommend, but only if you can find it!

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