Kingston Hosts Blow Out HyperX Computex Party – Computex 2014 Update

Undoubtedly the leader of the pack when it has come to product release events has been Kingston.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were invited to a little place called the Bellavita in Taipei where Kingston’s last HyperX party was led by the country’s top models and enough press to make your head spin.  Let’s take a quick look back at that event…but could Kingston ever trump this?


Well, on my 50th birthday, I just got out of a Ferrari F430 Spider, fully branded with Kingston HyperX markings ,and was just introduced to some wicked driving that through the streets of Taipei that could never occur in North America.  Hows that for a start?

Kingston HyperX Ferrari1


Today, we had the esteemed privilege of being invited to the Kingston HOT and release event at the Kelti Tower in Taipei, Taiwan.  A quick indicator that this event might be well planned was evident in the red carpet leading into the building from a uniquely branded Ferrari out front that held a retail cost well above that of most peoples homes.

Kingston HyperX Ferrari Black1

As soon as we entered the building, we were met by more platinum blondes than one could ever imagine.  For those not familiar with technology events, marketing is a completely different animal and the term ‘geeks and girls’ harnesses a true sense of reality.   And we haven’t even entered the event yet!

Geeks and Girls1

On entering the event, we were greeted by the Kingston HyperX Security Crew.  You just didn’t mess with this.

HyperX Security1

As you entered the facility on the left, there were more games than one could imagine to check out, many equipped with Kingston gear in some way, shape or form.

GamePlay1Through this crowd, I happened upon our site boss as she was being taught the fine art of driving:

Drivng Lessons1



  1. Not jealous… oh no, not at all… OK! Maybe a little bit 🙂

    Nice piece, just a query about something on p3, “IMpact memory will ship in frequencies from 1600MHz to 24MHz and in capacities”, should that be 2400MHz?

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