Kingston Hosts Blow Out HyperX Computex Party – Computex 2014 Update

From the left, we could see the stage to the front and large number of seats set up for the audience.  Perhaps the only comparable to this might be what we typically see at the Samsung product release events every year in January.  HyperX was definitely the theme of the day.


On the right side of the room were several teams competing in the Kingston HyperX OC Takeover Event.  This was an invitation only event with a grand prize of $10,000.

OC Teams1

While watching this, I had the opportunity to grab a rather interesting photo, one that reinforces that overclocking must be done with a great deal of patience and care.  I don’t typically include full length shots but thought this merited exception.

Keep It Cool1

In a short time the room started filling with invited guests and, everywhere you looked, you were once again reminded that this was most definitely a Kingston HyperX party.

HyperX Security

Much as we had seen years before with the original HyperX release, an incredible number of guests were in attendance, much more than seating alone could accommodate.  Here is a shot with the Azubu Taipei Assassins Gaming Team.

Taipei Assasins1

Umm… Karen must you photo bomb Bebe, Achie, morning and the team?



  1. Not jealous… oh no, not at all… OK! Maybe a little bit 🙂

    Nice piece, just a query about something on p3, “IMpact memory will ship in frequencies from 1600MHz to 24MHz and in capacities”, should that be 2400MHz?

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