Kingston Hosts Blow Out HyperX Computex Party – Computex 2014 Update

Once the event started, the HyperX Team introduced Kingston’s new product line for the event. First up was Kingston’s new Gen 2 MobileLite Wireless Media Reader.

MobileLite Wireless1

The new MobileLite Wireless G2 allows extended storage and streaming of media by smartphones and portable devices and it provides for multi-user streaming of content.  The G2 adds to the first generation with a 4640 maH portable battery for charging, an ethernet port, as well as connectivity for a 3G dongle. Also on the docket was the newest SSDNow 310 960GB SSD.  This SSD is capable of 536MB/s read and 485MB/s write performance.

SSDNow 3101

We then saw the new Kingston HyperX Fury SSD, a LSI SandForce driven SSD with the SF-2281 flash controller for great data transfer speeds.

HyperX Fury1

Kingston then introduced their new Phison controlled M.2 SATA 3 SSD capable of speeds of 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write performance.  New M.2 SSDs are the fastest and smallest form of storage available today.

Kingston M.2 SSD1

Staying with the flash theme but moving a bit away from storage, Kingston then introduced their latest HyperX Fury DDR3 memory in several colors.  HyperX Fury memory is probably the most value driven memory today that allows for excellent overclocking configurations.

HyperX Fury Memory1

Last up on our docket we decided to show you Kingston’s newest HyperX Impact SODIMM memory.  Impact memory is intended for those enthusiasts and gamers who want to upgrade their laptop memory to the performance we typically see in gaming systems.  Impact memory will ship in frequencies from 1600MHz to 2400MHz and in capacities of 4Gb and 8GB single kit and 8GB and 16GB dual.

HyperX Impact Memory1

From a personal perspective, this event was untouchable and the added thrill of experiencing Taipei while jetting in and out of traffic in a Ferrari Spider simply can’t be matched.  To our friends David Leong, Nick Shen and the entire Kingston Team….kudos as this was definitely a highlight for us, as well as many others we are sure!  Here are a few more shots!



  1. Not jealous… oh no, not at all… OK! Maybe a little bit 🙂

    Nice piece, just a query about something on p3, “IMpact memory will ship in frequencies from 1600MHz to 24MHz and in capacities”, should that be 2400MHz?

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