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Starting off with the keyboard, this 439 x 129 x 41 mm device fits on most table tops. With an attached 1.8 m long USB cable, this may not the smallest keyboard we’ve ever come across, but it by far isn’t the biggest. Without including any unnecessary buttons, the design is kept simple and small making it easily compatible with any user. The overall layout follows the American QWERTY standard with the 12 “F” keys located on the top and a full numeric pad located on the right. The keys are appropriately spaced preventing any accidental button presses by even the largest of hands.

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One of the greatest features of this keyboard is the keys themselves. Utilizing Coolermater’s new Mem-chanical Switches, these non-mechanical keys still have a very satisfying feel and appropriate response when pressed. This new design not only imitates mechanical keys, but they also surpass them in durability with product testing showing they last roughly twice as long as conventional mechanical keys. Not only do they feel good, but they are also customizable. Coolermaster has fortunately designed this keyboard 100% compatible with Cherry Keycaps meaning the user can completely overhaul the look of their board by supplying their own custom keycaps.

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Located within the keyboard is a large metal plate spanning the entire area of the board. This plate provides extreme support and rigidity giving the board a strong, flex free feel. Finally, the last big design feature included drastically improves the longevity of the keyboard. By including splash resistance, all chances of damage from liquid spills can be avoided. More and more keyboards are starting to come out with this feature and we couldn’t be more pleased. One thing this package doesn’t include is a wrist rest. While typing on this keyboard isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, an included wrist rest would have definitely made that typing angle a little easier on the wrists.

Today, Cooler Master has sent us their brand new Masterkeys Lite L Combo to take a look at. This is a mouse and keyboard combo with some seriously powerful LED technology. At the small asking price of only $60, this is one fantastic bargain. PACKAGING & CONTENTS Cooler Master’s Masterkeys Lite L Combo comes in a dark grey box displaying the mouse and keyboard on the front lid. While not overly bright, the colorful pictures nicely show off the impressive lighting capabilities of these two devices. The box also talks about the main features of the two products proudly showing off the…

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For only $60, this is an amazing must buy. 16 million colours, 24-key anti-ghosting, DPI switching, and many more features make this bundle an absolute steal!

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