Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L Combo Review – An Amazing Bundle!


With the tiny price tag of only $60 and a two year warranty, it’s hard to not run out and pick up this combo for yourself. Sure, it may not have all the powerful features of the really expensive products out there today, but this budget combo is definitely capable of holding its own.

Cooler Master’s Masterkeys Lite L Combo (14 of 16)

We would like to see an included wrist rest to keep our wrists happy when gaming or working for hours on end though. While the initial typing angle isn’t too uncomfortable, after a long gaming session our wrists were starting to feel a little fatigued.

Cooler Master’s Masterkeys Lite L Combo (16 of 16)

Cooler Master has created one very desirable and powerful budget combo for anyone looking to spice up their living or work space. With over 16 million colors to choose from, on-the-fly DPI switching, 24-key anti-ghosting, and a water resistant design we couldn’t be happier to give this product our Gold Seal.


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Today, Cooler Master has sent us their brand new Masterkeys Lite L Combo to take a look at. This is a mouse and keyboard combo with some seriously powerful LED technology. At the small asking price of only $60, this is one fantastic bargain. PACKAGING & CONTENTS Cooler Master’s Masterkeys Lite L Combo comes in a dark grey box displaying the mouse and keyboard on the front lid. While not overly bright, the colorful pictures nicely show off the impressive lighting capabilities of these two devices. The box also talks about the main features of the two products proudly showing off the…

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For only $60, this is an amazing must buy. 16 million colours, 24-key anti-ghosting, DPI switching, and many more features make this bundle an absolute steal!

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