Thermaltake Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review


First thoughts? It looks pretty cool, with an open palm design which allows for air to pass through keeping your palm cooler then usual when gaming. An added thumb rest plate also allows a little relaxation for the thumb when not in use.  The thumb also has the control of the standard forward and back browser buttons and another button to the rear of that known at the “5D” button. This button can be clicked left, right, up, down and in. Keep in mind that all buttons on this mouse are programmable, leaving you with 10 different macro options.Level 10M Advanced

You’ll also noticed in the palm there is a hex screw slot, this allows you to adjust the  height of the palm of the mouse, just another one of those cool extras that allows you to make this mouse more “you” then usual. The scroll wheel has a gripped tread which ensure it rolls when you need it to. We would advise to put some sort of grip on the 5D button as when you try to click it we needed to be very particular with our grip of the button and with extended use that button became harder to use with ease.

Along the right click button you’ll notice four red lens’ numbered 1 at the top and 4 at the bottom. These are your quick shift DPI indicator lights. All programmable from the software. Note: This indicators stay red and aren’t adjustable.Level 10M AdvancedAlong the base of the mouse you’ll notice the teflon mouse feet allowing smooth sailing across your desktop as well as the advanced AVAGO laser sensor that has high accuracy up to 16 ,000 DPI. Now this is extremely high level and we understand that many of you usually don’t go up past 3500-5000 but for those of you who are interested in a mouse that you can set up to perfect accuracy or for multiple 4k monitors the  is here for you. This laser works perfectly on every surface we tried it on, laminate, hardwood and a few pads. Being able to track on lots of different surfaces is key as everyone has their own preferences.Level 10M AdvancedThe ergonomics of this mouse are quite comfortable and allow for hours of extended play. The thumb rest-plate along with the adjustable palm option take comfort a step further then most with the Level 10M. There’s also a ledge for your ring finger or pinky depending on if you use 2 or 3 finger mouse control. The large buttons on the Level 10M Advanced also make this mouse easily fingertip gripped for such a large mouse.

Along with the comfort of this mouse comes with the 16.8 million colours to light it with and 10 programmable buttons which we will get more involved with in the Software.

This isn't just another name that glorifies a product. Level 10 is a concept, one that allows gamers to experience the power of their computers through the design itself. It's a mix of an iconic design combined with optimum functionality and innovative details. From the first look at the exterior of the Level 10M you get that feeling of projected envy radiating from the corpses of your foes. OVERVIEW Peripherals are definitely all over the place and for good reason. Everyone prefers something different and not every mouse that is good for one is good for another. The point that is…

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The Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse is a must have for any enthusiast who demands style and performance in their peripherals!

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