Thermaltake Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review


The Level 10M Advanced Gaming mouse in our opinion is a home run and a must have for any detail-oriented gamer. Keeping your true to your needs and their words Ttesports has combined style and functionality in what is sure to be one of the best mice of the year. Rocking 16000 DPI and programing to any button on the mouse keeps you tuned in and in control of your gaming experience. Level 10M AdvancedThe only improvements we would like to see on this product is some sort of grip on the 5D button to improve use, other then that we will tip our hats to another successful conquest by Ttesports and their $69.99 (on Amazon) gaming mouse as they take home our Gold Seal!


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This isn't just another name that glorifies a product. Level 10 is a concept, one that allows gamers to experience the power of their computers through the design itself. It's a mix of an iconic design combined with optimum functionality and innovative details. From the first look at the exterior of the Level 10M you get that feeling of projected envy radiating from the corpses of your foes. OVERVIEW Peripherals are definitely all over the place and for good reason. Everyone prefers something different and not every mouse that is good for one is good for another. The point that is…

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The Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse is a must have for any enthusiast who demands style and performance in their peripherals!

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