Thermaltake Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review


Ttesports has made their software very easy to use and with up to 5 adjustable profiles you can colour coordinate your games with your profiles. The software is easily downloaded from Ttesports website, just Click Here! and scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see “Downloads”.Level 10M AdvancedWhen you run the software the screen above will act as your software homepage. This page allows you to program the function of each button when clicked. Along the top you’ll see there are five programmable profiles. You may also question what “Battle” is and that’s a good question. Battle is a feature for the most intense of gamers. It changes your mouse’s lighting to a specific setting so the more you click the brighter the mouse will get. We thought this was pretty cool and it was fun to play around with. The two other tabs you’ll have to work with are the performance and lighting tab.Level 10M AdvancedThe Performance tab is very straight forward. The “Level” tab at the top allows you to choose how many levels you’ll have working for this profile. If you only want to toggle between two DPI’s then change it to 2 and you wont’ be able to click down to the third and fourth. The option to turn the sensor on and off is also there. Just ensure you know how to use your keyboard or have a second mouse to plug in as you wont’ be able to use the L10M to reverse this option. The larger portion of this page is where you adjust your DPI’s per level. There is an option to change your X-Y axis separately if need be for an flight simulator or if you’re camping a horizon in a FPS. Lift-off control, angle snapping polling rate and button response time are all adjustable from this page as well.

Our major excitement came over the RGB lighting capabilities. 3-zone lighting allows you to modify the lighting capabilities.Level 10M AdvancedThe lighting screen is pretty straight forward, along the left you can see the three zones for lighting. The palm through the honeycomb-vents, the finger tip of the left button and the scroll wheel. We have highlighted the “Pulse” feature as static and spectrum running are very straightforward with no modifications other then colour selection of static and the brightness. Pulse allows you to not only choose the colour pulsing but also choose the length of breath each pulse takes. One thing we noticed about this feature is you can have each zone have a different function such as one static, one pulse and one spectrum but, you can’t have two running different cycled pulses. Say you want one on a six second and one on a 12 second pulse it wont’ work. All pulse have to do so simultaneously.DSC01430_Fotor_clipped_rev_1

This isn't just another name that glorifies a product. Level 10 is a concept, one that allows gamers to experience the power of their computers through the design itself. It's a mix of an iconic design combined with optimum functionality and innovative details. From the first look at the exterior of the Level 10M you get that feeling of projected envy radiating from the corpses of your foes. OVERVIEW Peripherals are definitely all over the place and for good reason. Everyone prefers something different and not every mouse that is good for one is good for another. The point that is…

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The Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse is a must have for any enthusiast who demands style and performance in their peripherals!

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