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The mouse features a right-handed only design, so left-handed users will want to look elsewhere. It’s 8 programmable buttons include the Right and Left click buttons, as well as two Forward and Back buttons on the right edge of the mouse. The special 45 degree ‘Sniper’ button we mentioned earlier, located on the ‘Wing’ sticking out of the right side, positioned comfortably below where the user’s thumb would be. As well as the on-the-fly DPI Up and Down buttons located directly behind the scroll-wheeland of course, the Scroll-Wheel button itself.

All and all, It is a well-thought out button-layout, at least for right-handed users. The buttons are very nice feeling and offer excellent spring, the right mouse button is just a bit more “bouncy” than the left but both feel quite good.  The scroll-wheel is quite good as well, its soft texture feels good and the ridges provide excellent control, with clear steps. It’s definitely what you’d want in a scroll-wheel on a gaming mouse.


It also features a soft touch coating that provides excellent grip and feels very nice in the hand, and all of the edges on the mouse are also smooth to the touch to avoid any potential discomfort.


The size of the mouse is fairly accommodating and fit very nicely in this reviewer’s hands. That being said, it is slightly shorter than some of the other gaming mice we have on hand, such as the Logitech G400. So, users with larger hands may have to adjust their grip in order to use the mouse comfortably.


The M600 also features a very nice all braided cable with an easily identifiable USB plug, which is gold-plated. The plug itself isn’t overly large, we had no issues plugging it into any of our devices and getting it to fit with the rest of our USB devices’ plugs.


At the bottom of the mouse we’ll find some branding and model information as well as the power specifications. This is very useful for anyone using a USB hub or the USB connection available on some gaming keyboards.

We found the 8200 DPI sensor to be very smooth and responsive, working well on all the surfaces we tested it on.

Cougar_m600_lit2And finally, Cougar has finished the mouse with the addition of, what seems to be a common trend as of late, full RGB programmable back-lighting. Cougar claims you can set the mouse’s lighting to any of 16.8 million colors, which should allow you to get the mouse to match whatever color scheme the rest of your setup is. Although, with this model being bright orange that might be pointless. Of course, you can always opt for the black model, if color customization is important to you.

When it comes to PC gaming, the most important part of your system is easily your graphics card as it actually renders the game, a better graphics card means better gaming performance. However, for many gamer's the second most important component will be your mouse. A quality gaming mouse can be the difference between pulling off a clutch head-shot to secure the win, and missing your mark all together. Which is why we are very pleased to be given the opportunity to check out Cougar's all new M600 gaming mouse, featuring 8-programmable buttons, full RGB backlighting and an 8200 DPI…

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With an excellent design, great features such as the dedicated 'Sniper' button and fantastic build-quality the M600 is a sure contender in its price range.

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