Cougar M600 Gaming Mouse Review


In the highly competitive market of PC gaming peripherals, a few big names immediately come to mind Logitech, Razer and Corsair. It is true, that those three companies pretty much own the mind-share and subsequently, the market. However, unlike most industries, those companies didn’t get to where they are by having huge advertising budgets (although we are sure they do) they got there by providing excellent products and customer service. Which is why we are confident that Cougar will be a brand to watch in this ever-growing market.

With the M600, Cougar not only provides an excellently designed mouse, which is both comfortable and well-built with great features for gamer’s and even productivity users, but it also does it all at an affordable price.


Sure, it lacks custom weights, or gimmicky built-in fans and other features you probably won’t need. But it also has features that are useful, the dedicated ‘Sniper’ button is absolutely fantastic and helped with accuracy in games like Battlefield 4 and PayDay 2 immensely. But it also made doing precise edits in Photoshop easier to, allowing me to make fewer mistakes, saving me precious time. And the tiny indicator lights below the left click button that light up in steps, depending on which DPI setting is selected, is great and takes all the guesswork out of selecting DPI toggles.


Sure, it isn’t the fanciest gaming mouse around, but it is definitely one of the most well-thought out. The features high-lighted above and the awesome user experience make the Cougar M600 a strong contender in its price range. For this reason, we are proud to award the Cougar M600 with Technology X’s Top Value Award!


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When it comes to PC gaming, the most important part of your system is easily your graphics card as it actually renders the game, a better graphics card means better gaming performance. However, for many gamer's the second most important component will be your mouse. A quality gaming mouse can be the difference between pulling off a clutch head-shot to secure the win, and missing your mark all together. Which is why we are very pleased to be given the opportunity to check out Cougar's all new M600 gaming mouse, featuring 8-programmable buttons, full RGB backlighting and an 8200 DPI…

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With an excellent design, great features such as the dedicated 'Sniper' button and fantastic build-quality the M600 is a sure contender in its price range.

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