Cougar M600 Gaming Mouse Review


Along with all their peripherals Cougar bundles their UIX management software. It is a simple yet powerful suite of tools that allows you to customize button mapping, lighting and create custom game and application profiles.

The interface consists of three sections, Performance; for controlling DPI settings, pointer speed, polling rate, etc. Key Assignment; for assigning custom functions to the mouse buttons and creating macros. And, Lighting Control; which quite simply allows you to control the backlight settings for the mouse.

cougar_m600_uix_performanceAs we can see in the imagine above, there are 4 main DPI steps and one additional “Sniper” setting, which can be useful for being extra precise while aiming down sights, or even in applications such as Photoshop.

It works by basically assigning a button (usually the dedicated one that sits below the user’s thumb) and a preferred DPI setting (in the case of the example above, 800 DPI) and whenever you feel like you need some extra precision, you simply hold down the button.



The Key Assignment is fairly robust and allows you to program any of the mouse’s eight buttons to other functions. There’s even a Macro option which allows you to do more complicated tasks, such as assigning a single button to a series of keyboard or mouse functions.


Lighting controls are fairly simple but pretty much offer what you’d expect. You can assign custom colors, choose between multiple lighting modes: ‘Fully Lighted’, ‘Breathing’ or ‘Off’.

It’s nothing too amazing, but all in all we’re happy with the ease of use, as it is easy to make lighting controls overly complicated. That being said, the rest of the software is quite good and offers all the functionality we could want and then some, while being simple and easy to use. After all, we don’t want to spend a lot of time fiddling with our mouse settings, we’d rather spend that time actually playing games.


When it comes to PC gaming, the most important part of your system is easily your graphics card as it actually renders the game, a better graphics card means better gaming performance. However, for many gamer's the second most important component will be your mouse. A quality gaming mouse can be the difference between pulling off a clutch head-shot to secure the win, and missing your mark all together. Which is why we are very pleased to be given the opportunity to check out Cougar's all new M600 gaming mouse, featuring 8-programmable buttons, full RGB backlighting and an 8200 DPI…

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With an excellent design, great features such as the dedicated 'Sniper' button and fantastic build-quality the M600 is a sure contender in its price range.

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