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Technology X Affiliate Reviews for April 22, 2015

Eluktro Pro

Procrastinating is not always a bad thing, it is really a matter of perspective. Some people work better when their desk is in order, while others would find that a desk that looks like chaos is more efficient. Regardless, of whether or not these statements relate to you, we can all benefit from the sharing of information. Once you have ... Read More »

Technology X Affiliate Reviews for January 25, 2015

samsung portable

When the weather isn’t cooperating, there is nothing good on television and all the world news seems to be upsetting, why not just surf the web.  Allow yourself some time to check out the varying opinions on some of the newer technology products available. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW SAMSUNG PORTABLE SSD T1 REVIEW @ THESSDREVIEW So I am holding this Samsung Portable ... Read More »

Thermaltake TTeSports Ventus Gaming Mouse Review


The selection of gaming peripherals continues to grow at a steady pace. Thermaltake, whose TTeSports product line is geared towards gamers, have brought several new mice to market in recent months. Today we have on hand for review ThermalTtake’s TTeSports Ventus gaming mouse. The VENTUS gaming mouse by Thermaltake comes with its own carrying case, stickers to add to your collection and an excellent 2 ... Read More »

Technology X Affiliate Reviews for October 6, 2014


Reading the news today is extremely upsetting, depressing almost. Everything is changing including how we watch the NHL. Yes, the National Hockey League.  Maybe that is not what you were expecting me to say, but it is. We will now have to watch the games on new channels, being commentated by new people on different days, the crazyness of it ... Read More »

Technology X Affiliate Reviews for June 24, 2014


As you embark upon checking out the latest in our affiliate reviews, think about how powerful this sharing of information is because of the internet. I know we have heard it before and it’s old news. But really, we used to have to go to the library for this stuff, which meant waiting until it was in ‘print’. One of ... Read More »

TechnologyX Affiliate Reviews for June 9, 2014


Monday morning, following a great time at Computex 2014.  It is a great place to meet up with our affiliatate review colleagues, manufacturing and distributing personal.  We are often amazed at the events put on and how welcoming everyone is.  As we regularly mention, when we pull together our affiliate review posts, it is important to get as much information ... Read More »

Cougar Release at Computex 2014 – Peripherals, Steam OS, PSU’s and More!

Cougar Computex Featured

Just before Computex this year, Cougar has announced it’s release plans for the rest of this year and for early 2015. Merely judging from the brief information they’ve divulged, it’s clear that Cougar plans on becoming a major competitor in the electronics market, especially with their increasing interest in the computer gaming side of things. Cougar has made their plans ... Read More »